The Revenge of the Dummy


This project contains a two-part video; the first video is a short -30 second commercial parody on a well-known product.  These commercials are typically pretty cheesy with no deviation of this version.  Two of the actors used in this commercial also participated in the subsequent film, The Revenge of the Dummy, a knock-off title and parody of the old film, Revenge of the Mummy, is a short film rather than a type of interview or how-to video.  Although the story line doesn’t go very deep and leaves the viewer with a sense of “what was that? feel”, the story is primarily meant to meet the requirements of the assignment with an additional goal of to entertain.

While filming, it was found necessary to adjust to environment and circumstances.  It became necessary to hold the camera instead of mounting it on a tri-pod due to equipment problems.  Once conceptualized, this story was drawn up in story-board format, framed for shots and ready to shoot.  I put an ad on utahactors.ning, a website for utah actors.  I was able to get some great actors for the project, including two little girls who were key elements of both films.  The second video, The Revenge of the Dummy, is a story of how a man is given a dummy by two little girls in a park who feel sorry for the man.  He doesn’t know what to do with the dummy and sets it down. After reading a book, he falls asleep and soon finds himself in a graveyard.  Confused with his present surroundings, he starts to investigate the graveyard, only to find the dummy taunting him with memories of his dead wife and horrific present.

The film doesn’t have a solid ending, but creates a type of cliffhanger to entice the audience to view part 2 of the program, to be released sometime in the future.