Beecher Baby Bouncer (Short Comedy Movie)


Beecher Baby Bouncer is a short comedy based on the actions of Justin “Spot” Beecher.  Spot, as he calls himself, enjoys babysitting for people.  When they leave, he holds the babies over the balconies of apartments and hotel rooms.  When large crowds gather to watch, Spot dangles them over the balcony, replaces the real infant for a fake one and then pretends to accidentally drop them.  Police have given him the nickname “Beecher Brutal Baby Bouncer”.Image

Spot gets a kick out of being arrested.  This is Spot’s 7th related offense. Local police are not happy because Spot somehow manages to escape every single time.


Parents, news crew and detective gather to watch Spot in his horror as he holds the baby over the balcony.


Spot laughing at the crowd after they have been fooled into believing he really dropped the baby.


On the set of Beecher Baby Bouncer.


Obama Bows to Bieber at Polio Charity Event

Obama Bowing to Justin Bieber at Polio Charity Event

Obama Bowing to Justin Bieber at Polio Charity Event

Obama Bows to Bieber!

June 21, 2012

-The White House is scrambling to find a valid excuse today after an embarassing encounter with Justin Bieber and Barack Obama  at a charity event  for underprivliaged professional athletes with polio, While at the event, Obama unexpectedly ran up on stage to congratulate Justin Bieber after hearing him sing “One Less Lonely Girl”.  Once on stage, Obama vigorously thanked Bieber for singing his ‘favorite song’ and then bowed to the 18-year-old pop star.  Secret Service agents quickly wisked the President off stage and back into his front row seat.

This Charity event raised an unusually low amount of money; charity spokeswoman, Diana Fletcher stated, “Obama was very disruptive during tonight’s event.  He kept whistling and shouting at Justin Bieber; things like, ‘let me borrow your hair’ and ‘come live with me and Michelle, it’s not like we don’t have enough room’.”

Obama is known for bowing to notable figures, foreign leaders and now young pop stars and is rumored to have a tattoo of Justin Bieber’s hair on the center of his chest.

John Candy Back From the Dead and Running for President!

John Candy for President 2012

John Candy is back!   One day after actor Rosanne  Barr announced she is running for President as a Green Party candidate, beloved actor now turned politician, John Candy,  returned from the grave ready to take his spot as the newest potential GOP nominee.  “I’m madder than hell and ready to kick some tail,”  Candy told reporters early Friday morning.  When asked how he came back from the dead, Candy denied such actions and stated that any previous evidence indicating his death were merely  “taken out of context.”

“I don’t like Rosanne,” Candy said Thursday in an interview aired on KNDY, a CMN affiliate in Las Vegas. “When you do I as many movies and interviews as I have done, you hate to see other actors get it wrong.  I’m going to take her down.”
Specifically, the Candy administration will award $166 million in grant money to communities that show a preference for Candy for President, leading many to believe in additional possibilities of bribery.  Senator Hatch from Utah states: “I don’t see how this could possibly fail”. 

Man Arrested in ‘White’ Hate Crime

Man Arrested in ‘White’ Hate Crime
Frank Gibby Vandalizing Portrait at Ceremony
Honoring Betty White

Spectators could not believe their eyes Thursday evening when belligerent actor, writer and part time TSA agent, Frank Gibby, stormed an awards ceremony honoring veteran actress Betty White. Publically defacing her enlarged photograph with a “villains mustache” and Sean-Connery-like eyebrows, Gibby signed his name and then began caressing his destructive artwork and humming the Golden Girls theme song.  Gibby then attempted to escape the auditorium by elbowing ushers and giving a very believable Betty White impression followed by an energetic sprint through the lobby where Gibby was quickly

Betty White watching as Gibby is being arrested

“clothes-lined” by Barbara Walters, knocking him unconscious until police arrived to take him into custody.

Man Falls to Death in Skydiving Accident After Losing Monkey Twin Brother

Man Falls to Death in Skydiving Accident After Losing Monkey Twin Brother
Twin Brothers Cameron and Carmichael Stillson

30-year-old Cameron Acel Stillson, animal rights activist and twin brother to Carmichael Stillson, a hybrid-human and macaque monkey, plummeted to his death late Wednesday evening after failing to pull the ripcord to his parachute during his weekly skydive. 
Stillson, who according to family and friends, had been suffering from depression during the past month after his twin-brother Carmichael, went missing after a heated argument that took place between him and Stillson.   Stillson later organized a search party and spent fruitless man hours in search of his lost pet brother.


Cameron Stillson and Monkey Search Party

After receiving hundreds of false leads and dozens of prank phone calls from people pretending to be his hybrid brother, Stillson soon gave up hope and later called off the search for his vanished primate sibling.    


Stillson confused and spiraling out of control

Stillson, who has faked injuries after every single one of his 127 skydive jumps, arrived Wednesday evening eager and ready to make his first solo-jump.  “He kept complaining of stomach pains from a bag of bad monkey seed he had just eaten,”stated Will Shrout, Stillson’s skydiving instructor. After the failed skydive Stillson was met by paramedics who found Stillson  alive and clutching a photograph of his monkey-brother with the words “FIND HIM” written in red crayon.  After several hours of appearing to be dead, Stillson awoke and returned home, alluding police and medical examiner questioning.  Stillson was later arrested for faking his death and stated, “I just wanted to find my brother”. Stillson is currently being held without bail in the Weber County Jail.

Biden’s Binge Begins: V.P. Joe Biden wins national pancake eating contest!

Biden’s Binge Begins
Vice President, Joe Biden amazes spectators and other competitors as he devours an impressive 38 pancakes, winning this year’s pancake charity drive to fight anorexia.
Vice President Biden accidentally accepted the invitation back in January, during a press conference when he jokingly stated, “You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent….I’m not joking.”  Biden was then asked if he would accept an invitation to enter a celebrity pancake eating contest charity event to help fight anorexia, to which he mockingly responded in an Indian accent, “indeed I will my skinny friend. I shall help you and your people.”
In an effort to uphold flawed campaign promises, Biden arrived hungry and ready to conquer the mighty pancake mountain challenge.
“This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this,” Biden stated after being asked if he was there to win.
Biden was faced with a group of angry protesters who claimed that Biden was only there to eat free pancakes.  Expected to make a generous donation to The Anti0Anorexia Foundation (AAF) as part of the invitation, Biden angered participants and viewers when he handed over a slim $2.75 donation and exclaimed, “keep in mind, half of that is your tip.”  Protests of disgust continued as Biden slapped his belly, smiled and stated, “I’m just happy I could make a difference,” and then belched into the microphone.
Biden now holds the AAF Pancake World Record, shattering Calista Flockhart’s previous record of eating 29 pancakes.

Still going strong at pancake #30
Biden Posing for his picture while wearing a pancake on his head.  

Disneyland Burns Down: Mickey Missing, Presumed Dead!


Cinderella’s Castle After Disneyland Fire

Patrons, Disney characters and employees
watched in terror early Thursday afternoon as
Disneyland caught fire, permanantly damaging
and torching 85 percent of the park.  The fire broke out and spread quickly when the mechanical animatronic version of Johnny Depp, from the Pirates of the Carribean ride, started smoking and immediately caught fire.The flames spread to surrounding attractions as the park was successfully evacuated with only a few missing Disney charcters, including Rodger Rabbit and Mickey Mouse. “It was like watching Fantasia while being sober, confusing and unenjoyable,” claimed a charred Pinnochio as he limped from the park obviously injured.


Front Gates of Disneyland as Fire Fights the Disney Frontier

Some Disneyland guests continued to fight their way inside the park gates in attempts to get a closer look as the firey flames continued to destroy ride by ride.   Once the fire had reached the firework storage bay, the sky was filled with fireworks and smoke.  Guests became encased with amusement as they stopped to watch the fireworks as angry firefighters fought to evacuate the chaotic chasm of melting magic.

Haunted Mansion Engulfed in Flames

Disney officials say it is quite likely the park will not rebuild and will close it’s gates indefinately due to the diminishing interest in park attendance that has been seen in recent years.  “I’m flabbergasted, simply flabberghasted that this would happen.  They are all amatuers if you ask me. If you want a safe and fire free park, then you’ve got to pay the price to protect the people!” exclaimed a very angry Captain Hook.
Disneyland has seen its share of disaster in the past, but nothing as devastating as this traumatic blow to the No. 1 loved theme park since 1955.
America and the world will miss you Disneyland. Rest in Peace Mickey!

Mickey Mouse Grave