Beecher Baby Bouncer (The Movie) Coming Soon!


Ogden, Utah-28 year old Justin Spot Beecher was arrested Thursday in connection with a slew of fake baby droppings. Police watched in absolute horror as Beecher taunted the crowd, making mockingly crude “splat” sounds. Beecher regularly holds actual infants over the balcony until large crowds and police gather to watch, then secretly exchanges the infant with a life size doll and appears to accidentally drop them. In his abhorrent routine, he then leans on the balcony and hysterically weeps until the crowd realizes they’ve been fooled.  Beecher then jumps to his feet and mocks the crowd with his cruel laughter.  Beecher, who is a huge fan of Michael Jackson, began to hold random babies over the edge of hotel balconies in honor of the late pop star.
This is Beecher’s seventh related offense and local police aren’t happy and are fooled every time . Officers have given him the nickname Brutal Beecher Baby Bouncer; “try saying that 10 times fast”, stated Lieutenant Crosby.

So the concept of the script is simple. A set of parents who look online for a last minute babysitter, find one and hire him immediately. Little do they know that the babysitter has a dark past and that they are only being lured into a trap.

After the parent’s leave, The Beecher Baby Bouncer prepares his largest and biggest moment as he quickly becomes any parent’s worst nightmare! It may also have you second guessing that second or third floor to live in an apartment complex!

It’s a very humorous approach to a simple idea. We hope you enjoyed the trailer and we look forward to creating a wonderful project that we can proudly say “This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for Kickstart and their incredible community!”



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