Beecher Baby Bouncer (Short Comedy Movie)


Beecher Baby Bouncer is a short comedy based on the actions of Justin “Spot” Beecher.  Spot, as he calls himself, enjoys babysitting for people.  When they leave, he holds the babies over the balconies of apartments and hotel rooms.  When large crowds gather to watch, Spot dangles them over the balcony, replaces the real infant for a fake one and then pretends to accidentally drop them.  Police have given him the nickname “Beecher Brutal Baby Bouncer”.Image

Spot gets a kick out of being arrested.  This is Spot’s 7th related offense. Local police are not happy because Spot somehow manages to escape every single time.


Parents, news crew and detective gather to watch Spot in his horror as he holds the baby over the balcony.


Spot laughing at the crowd after they have been fooled into believing he really dropped the baby.


On the set of Beecher Baby Bouncer.


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