Man Arrested in ‘White’ Hate Crime

Man Arrested in ‘White’ Hate Crime
Frank Gibby Vandalizing Portrait at Ceremony
Honoring Betty White

Spectators could not believe their eyes Thursday evening when belligerent actor, writer and part time TSA agent, Frank Gibby, stormed an awards ceremony honoring veteran actress Betty White. Publically defacing her enlarged photograph with a “villains mustache” and Sean-Connery-like eyebrows, Gibby signed his name and then began caressing his destructive artwork and humming the Golden Girls theme song.  Gibby then attempted to escape the auditorium by elbowing ushers and giving a very believable Betty White impression followed by an energetic sprint through the lobby where Gibby was quickly

Betty White watching as Gibby is being arrested

“clothes-lined” by Barbara Walters, knocking him unconscious until police arrived to take him into custody.


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