Hilary Clinton Delivers Disaster on American Idol

Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton made a surprise guest appearance on American Idol last week, shocking audience members across the country and horrifying judges with her very disturbing rendition of Aerosmith’s Dream On. Clinton, who has literally no singing experience whatsoever, intrigued Fox producers when she requested to be the final performer of the season. Producers were reluctant to agree with the request at first but later quickly welcomed Clinton after receiving several requests to perform by Marie Osmond. “Clinton sang the first part of the song rather nicely,” said Randy Jackson, “but when she started to imitate Steve Tyler and scream into the microphone, that’s when I knew this was going to be a disaster”. At the end of her performance, Clinton was booed by audience members off the stage as an embarrassed Ryan Seacrest attempted to pull the whole thing off as a practical joke. As Clinton pranced off the stage, the judges sat in disgust; Randy Jackson sat angrily as Steven Tyler sat covering his face while a rather confused looking Jennifer Lopez asked, “What was that, some sick joke?” Fox producers declined an interview but when asked about Clinton’s performance, stated, “She will not be invited back.” When asked if he thinks Hilary has any type of talent or future with a music career, Steven Tyler simply shrugged his shoulders and said, “Dream On”. Clinton has plans to appear America’s Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars next season.

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